Maureen C. Berry

(I am in the process of revamping this site. Please pardon the glitches and other web site development-related issues. Thanks, and I hope to see you back here soon with a fresh look.) 







I am known as a writer, sustainable seafood geek, cook, recipe developer, amateur photographer, bird enthusiast, wire fox terrier-lover, and a reliable source of information for the seafood industry.

You might know me as Seafood Lady: Your Source for Sustainable Seafood Recipes and News. In 2009, I left the commodity fish world to work as a freelance food writer.

I discovered I could sum up my writing life in four words: Cook. Eat. Write. Repeat.

Currently, I am the copyeditor and food writer for SurfKY News Group, a regional Western Kentucky web news service where I pen Biscuits & Bacon: Notes From the Kitchen, a weekly food column for the curious, hungry mind.

I write nonfiction for various publications, in print and online. My current writing projects include a sustainable seafood ebook series, my food memoir, “Hurricanes, Handcuffs, Pepper Spray, and Scrambled Eggs,” and “Thornton Park,” a thriller.

Feel free to contact me for promotional product marketing and endorsement, cooking demonstrations, cookbook editing, recipe development, questions about sustainable seafood, or simply to say hello.

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