2015 Ultimate Green Gift Guide

Need a few earth-friendly gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season?

Of course you do!

Here is my 2015 Top 10 Ultimate Green Gift Guide:
(This is not a paid promotional or sponsored list)

green unsplash

  1. For the caviar-lover. Check out the sustainable caviar from Healthy Earth &  Mote Marine Laboratory.
  2. For the oyster-lover. In A Half Shell Oyster Journal, a must-have for your oyster-slurping experiences.
  3. For the trinket-lover in your life. These vintage silver plated spoons are bee-utiful!
  4. For the wine-lover and cook. These up-cycled bottles are one-of-a-kind.
  5. For the animal-lover. Adopt an animal.
  6. For the gadget-lover. Nest Learning Thermostat.
  7. For the book-lover. The Oyster War by Summer Brennan.
  8. For the space-age tech geek-lovers. Ecosphere closed aquatic ecosystems.
  9. For the water-lover. Nalgene water bottles.
  10. For the sustainable seafood-lover. The ultimate gift! Buy a CSF share.

What’s on your list?

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Maureen C. Berry is the author of Salmon: From Market to Plate. She is a cook, sustainable seafood advocate, emerging photographer and nap-taker. When she’s not, she tries to play better guitar.