As part of the Wild American Shrimp Blogger Promotion, I am tasked with promoting the exceptional quality of wild American shrimp.

Yeah, no worries, I got this.

To celebrate all things wild Gulf shrimp, I created this 30-second video, 5 Reasons To Eat Wild American Shrimp.

Let’s see if you don’t agree.

  1. Superior Quality
  2. Uh-mazing flavor
  3. Support American Shrimpers (my fave!)
  4. Easy-to-prepare
  5. Exceptionally delicious!

Now you’re hungry, right?

Thought so.

Try my Shrimp Crostini or Gulf Shrimp Biscuit Sliders.

Or this! Shrimp and Bacon Tomato Pasta.

shrimp and bacon tomato pasta

Or if you want to hang in the kitchen, sip a little vino, and impress the fam, try my Gulf Shrimp and Sweet Corn Risotto.

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Need to buy wild American Shrimp?

Shop online or at the grocer. Are you a chef or business owner? Here you go.

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Thanks and keep cooking,