7 Sustainable Seafood Stories That Caught My Eye

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Hi seafood and ocean-lovers!

While you were toiling away at your desk analyzing reports, taking care of the kiddo’s, fighting crime, baking chocolate meringue pie, or chipping away at the ice on your roof, I found seven stories that might make you feel good about how we will feed the 9 billion people expected to be on this earth in 2050. (Because I know you just can’t stop thinking about that.)

1. In the unquenchable thirst to find a solution for the demand on food resources and the growing population, one non profit company, Seasteading Institute, wants to develop floating cities. Will this project compromise the oceans or provide a solution? Seasteading Institute is seeking a host nation(s) (and eventually residents) and has a contest in the works. Will you take the plunge?

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2. Here’s a great feed-the-world solution from the folks at MIT CityFARM where farmers of the future get a facelift with LED lights. It looks promising. But is it scalable?

3. Aquaculture is not just for salmon, shrimp and tilapia anymore.  National Geographic explores innovative aquaculture solutions in “How to Farm a Better Fish.” How cool is this underwater scallop farm?

(image via National Geographic)

(image via National Geographic)

4. Do you tweet? Do you like to eat Wild American shrimp? Join @WildUSShrimp every month for its #shrimpchat. Because who doesn’t want to attend a fun, hour-long party to talk about shrimp traceability and recipes?

Steamed Shrimp with Herb de Provence and Zested Orange (MCB, LLC)

Steamed Shrimp with Herb de Provence and Zested Orange (MCB, LLC)

5. Speaking of shrimp. Check out Inland Shrimp Company, an Ohio-based startup who is making a sustainable difference right here in my home state of Kentucky with its land-based shrimp farms.

6. Meet cobia: the other salmon. Open Blue Sea Farm, an open deep-ocean fish farm in Panama is doing things a little differently in its effort to sustain the growing demand for protein for the growing population. Have you ever eaten cobia? One word: swoon.

7. Who is behind all of these innovative aquaculture ideas? Meet one fund willing to bet on small and medium sustainable fish farming companies: Aqua Spark, a global investment fund based in the Netherlands. What’s your sustainable aquaculture idea?

That’s it for now. In the next few weeks, watch for news about my involvement (and shrimp recipes) in the upcoming Shrimp Showdown #wildUSShrimp, sponsored by the American Shrimp Processors Association.


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