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Maureen C. Berry is the author of Salmon: From Market to Plate. She is a cook, sustainable seafood advocate, emerging photographer and nap-taker. When she’s not, she tries to play better guitar.
  • Scouting for snook in a mangrove cove in Tampa Bay, Florida

Transcript for M is for Mussels and Mangroves

If you landed here, you are interested in reading the transcript M is for Mussels and Mangroves from the GreenFishBlueOceans podcast. Listen on iTunes, Google Play or on http://greenfishblueoceans.com.

  • king salmon strawberry quinoa

King Salmon With Strawberry-Mint Quinoa

Pan-searing is one of my favorite ways to cook salmon—it’s fast and easy. Add a trio of fresh herbs and pop! Your mouth is having a party. Check my YouTube channel for the video and go to the blog for the full recipe. #realfoodrightnow

  • L is for lionfish

Transcript for L is for Lionfish and Lobster

Read the transcript, L is for Lionfish and Lobster on the GreenFishBlueOceans podcast. Listen on iTunes and Google Play. Subscribe and don't miss an episode.

  • 8 steps to set up a podcast in 2017

8 Steps To Set Up A Podcast in 2017

Want to launch a podcast but don't know how to get started? I got you with 8 easy steps (and a few thoughts). #GreenFishBlueOceans

  • shrimp and tomato flatbread

Shrimp Tomato Flatbread

Sweet, briny shrimp marries spicy, earthy flavors to make this Shrimp and Tomato Flatbread a fave for any party appetizer or dinner. Check YouTube for the video #RealFoodRightNow https://youtu.be/7loXktrYook #WildAmericanShrimp

  • k is for kelp and king crab

Transcript of K is for Kelp and King Crab

Read the Green Fish Blue Oceans transcript of episode K is for Kelp and King Crab instead of listening. Enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes. Thanks.

  • j is for jellies and jewfish

The Fish Thieves: A Dystopian Novel

Listen to Chapter One from my new work in progress, a dystopian novel, The Fish Thieves on my podcast, #GreenFishBlueOceans. Then let me know what you think. Thanks.

  • #eatmoreoysters

Eat More Oysters

5 Reasons To Eat More Oysters video, plus a list of oyster shuckers who will come to your home.

  • Vegetable Dashi Recipe

Vegetable Dashi Recipe

Want to take your quinoa to the next level? I got you.

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  • thai shrimp soup

Thai Shrimp and Black Bean Soup Recipe

When you want sweet and spicy, creamy and salty, Thai Shrimp Soup is your go-to recipe. (Promotion for Wild American Shrimp.)

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