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Maureen C. Berry is the author of Salmon: From Market to Plate. She is a cook, sustainable seafood advocate, emerging photographer and nap-taker. When she’s not, she tries to play better guitar.
  • o is for oysters and ocean threats

Transcript for O is for Oysters and Ocean Threats

Oysters! Buying, restoration, slurping, hiring a écailler, (ekayyee), recipes, and more. Then I touch on two ocean threats—man and acidification. Read.

  • lamb balls with red sauce basmati rice and mint

Lamb Balls with Red Sauce and Mint

Sweet, tender, herbalicious lamb balls and tangy red sauce come together like two peas in a pod!

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  • Cookbook Review: Pie School

Cookbook Review: Pie School

Want to bake kick-ass fruit pies? This is the book for you.

  • N is for Nori and Nutrient Pollution

Transcript for N is for Nori and Nutrient Pollution

Read the transcript for the GreenFishBlueOCeans podcast episode N is for Nori and Nutrient Pollution. Or listen on iTunes or Google Play.

  • gulf shrimp peach corn chopped salad

Wild American Shrimp and Peach-Corn Chopped Salad

What do tender Wild American Shrimp, juicy peaches, and fresh sweet corn on the cob have in common? They are the perfect summertime trio! Get the recipe here. (spon)

  • Scouting for snook in a mangrove cove in Tampa Bay, Florida

Transcript for M is for Mussels and Mangroves

If you landed here, you are interested in reading the transcript M is for Mussels and Mangroves from the GreenFishBlueOceans podcast. Listen on iTunes, Google Play or on http://greenfishblueoceans.com.

  • king salmon strawberry quinoa

King Salmon With Strawberry-Mint Quinoa

Pan-searing is one of my favorite ways to cook salmon—it’s fast and easy. Add a trio of fresh herbs and pop! Your mouth is having a party. Check my YouTube channel for the video and go to the blog for the full recipe. #realfoodrightnow

  • L is for lionfish

Transcript for L is for Lionfish and Lobster

Read the transcript, L is for Lionfish and Lobster on the GreenFishBlueOceans podcast. Listen on iTunes and Google Play. Subscribe and don't miss an episode.

  • 8 steps to set up a podcast in 2017

8 Steps To Set Up A Podcast in 2017

Want to launch a podcast but don't know how to get started? I got you with 8 easy steps (and a few thoughts). #GreenFishBlueOceans

  • shrimp and tomato flatbread

Shrimp Tomato Flatbread

Sweet, briny shrimp marries spicy, earthy flavors to make this Shrimp and Tomato Flatbread a fave for any party appetizer or dinner. Check YouTube for the video #RealFoodRightNow https://youtu.be/7loXktrYook #WildAmericanShrimp

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