How to: cook, buy, prep fresh seafood

  • Celebrate National Seafood Month 2017

5 Ways To Celebrate National Seafood Month

When your questions, choices, and curiosity make all the difference in 5 easy steps.

  • Citrus Marinated Salmon courtesy Whole Foods Market

Boat-to-Plate: 7 Practical Sustainable Seafood Buying Tips

In the past, buying fish at the market was simple. Citrus Marinated Salmon courtesy Whole Foods Market When you wanted to eat salmon for dinner you went to [...]

Fresh Fish Prices From Boat to Plate

Do you think the price of fresh fish at the market is expensive? I do too. Would you like to know why the price of fish is so expensive? Maybe [...]

  • Chipotle Crusted Grouper Tacos MCB

Are You A Taco Aficionado?

The way I see it, the American economy no longer falls into lower, middle or upper class, but rather somewhere in that gray murky area. Unless you are fortunate enough [...]

  • Fish Chowder Seafood Lady

This Week’s Recipe: Sweet and Spicy Fish Chowder

This week's Sweet and Spicy Fish Chowder recipe came to me after several super-cold, single-digit days. You know the kind of days you want an easy, satisfying, hot meal that [...]

Sustainable Seafood: Four Ways to Protect the Future of Fish

Got a minute? What do you think fresh seafood will look like in 2050? I for one want to eat healthy fresh fish. What about you? In this week's sustainable [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking Seafood

Three Essential Elements of Cooking Seafood: A Beginner’s Guide Ever notice how recipes for seafood seem…a bit unrealistic for a beginner? They assume you have all the knowledge for shopping [...]

  • Mahi with Tomatoes Olives and Capers

Mahi Mahi with Tomato and Olive Sauce Recipe

Once I discovered Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce recipe, I stopped making any other red sauce. Yup, it's that good. And easy. In fact three ingredients-tomatoes, butter and onions-never tasted so [...]

Tuna: explored and exposed (Part II)

(In Part I Tuna: explored and exposed, I explored eating tuna from a consumer perspective. In Part II, I define the differences between Carbon Monoxide gassed tuna and fresh tuna. [...]

Tuna: explored & exposed Part I of III

(In this three-part series, I’ll explore eating and buying tuna from a consumer perspective, define Carbon Monoxide (CO) gassed tuna, a common supplier technique to keep tuna a bright red [...]

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