How to: cook, buy, prep fresh seafood

Buying fresh and sustainable seafood

Is the seafood in your market fresh and sustainable? I used to worry if the seafood at the fish counter was sustainable. But now? I just worry about its freshness. Since [...]

How to Buy Fresh Seafood: An Informal Facebook Chat

Seafood mislabeling and fraud is more common than you can imagine. It happens at many levels and for many reasons. I could write a 5,000 word essay about my own experiences [...]

Shrimp Boil and Four Reasons to Eat Gulf White Shrimp

You know the saying, "Less is more," right? Like so many things in life, this saying also applies to boiling shrimp. To begin the "Less is More" Boiled Shrimp, you'll need to start with a [...]

Get Hooked on Seafood for Lent

Seafood is a hot topic. Think sustainability, farmed vs. wild, mercury levels, small fish vs. large fish, color coded eco-labels, country of origin, genetically modified and more. It's enough to make your head [...]

Fresh Mussels 101

This past weekend, with temperatures akin to Florida weather, not Kentucky, Elvis and I drove north to Evansville, IN. We needed to escape HummingBird Hills, Reagan, (we really love him, but [...]

Casting Light On Poor Man’s Caviar

A poetic essay.

How-to shop & serve seafood for the holidays, minus the fishy smell

If you’ve done any shopping lately at (insert your store here), you’re probably as frustrated as I am. You have your grocery list, forty minutes (which includes drive time), three [...]

How to steam shrimp in four steps

Do you love shrimp cocktail but are tired of buying the pre-cooked shrimp in your market? Follow my four simple steps to steam, then eat, raw shrimp. Ready? The first [...]

Fish On Friday/Oysters, Clam and Mussels

Oysters, Clams and Mussels This is a perfect picture of what to look for when you're shopping for fresh seafood: Shellfish buried in ice.  

Smoked Salmon Tart with asparagus, sun-dried tomato and leeks recipe

Lately I can't seem to eat enough tarts (or galette if you want to be fancy). I baked this smoked salmon tart as a result of my gift from Copper River Salmon [...]

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