Q&A interviews with Central Florida Chefs

  • Springline Seafood F/V Virga

Women Fishermen In Alaska: “It’s A Great Place To Work”

Ever wonder what life is like as an Alaska salmon fisherman? I got you covered. Meet Mary Smith, chef turned fisherman. #KnowYourFisherman

  • Lauren Reid

Pacific Tuna: From Sea-To-Plate

What's really happening on a Pacific tuna boat? I got you covered in this no-holding-back Q & A with Greenpeace volunteer Lauren Reid.

  • Clouds over Tampa mcb

Genuine American Red Snapper with Melon and Mango Recipe

One of the best perks of attending the Sustainable Seafood Blog Conference (SSBC)? Meeting all the fine people who are working to protect and preserve our oceans and fisheries! Chef Tenney Flynn is [...]

  • Fish Market Kathy Hunt

Fish Market: A Cookbook Review

FISH MARKET cookbook Kathy Hunt Running Press, 2013 In FISH MARKET, seafood-aficionado Kathy Hunt offers a boatload of seafood recipes ranging from Abalone to Yellowfin. Hunt’s recipes are easy-to-understand and include [...]

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  • buttermilk biscuits

How to Bake the Best Buttermilk Biscuits

Baking buttermilk biscuits is a lot like cooking seafood. Less is better. The best ingredients, a light touch, and the right technique make the difference between a good biscuit and [...]

  • Jellyfish Monterey Bay Aquarium

3 Great Monterey Bay Aquarium Sustainable Seafood Recipes

Of all the things I know how to do in the kitchen, I am most comfortable cooking fresh seafood. iPhone snapshot MCB It has not always been that [...]

Fish On Friday/Rainbow Trout

4 lb Rainbow Trout Ennis, Montana 1995

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Who’s In The Kitchen? FishBones Executive Chef A.J. Beaulieu

If you’ve eaten at Talk of the Town’s Lake Mary FishBones, it should come as no surprise to you that its award-winning menu won Best Restaurant and Best Seafood in [...]

How to cook on stage like a pro (even though you’re sweating buckets)

Edible Orlando invited me to cook on their stage at the Central Florida Home & Garden Show this past Friday at 6:30. I prepared Cumin-Dusted Snapper with a Tropical Salsa. I [...]

The Crooked Spoon Food Truck

I had lunch at The Crooked Spoon. It was my first food truck experience, ever. I know that LA has a monstrous food truck scene. So when Orlando got the [...]

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