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Veteran-Owned Business Supports Hurricane-Ravaged Oyster Fishers With New Product

The Oyster Bed brothers teamed up with Raz and The Gulf Seafood Foundation to use the launch of The Steak Bed to raise money for affected oyster fishermen. The Oyster Bed LLC has created a coupon code named “Recovery” that will save customers 10% on orders from The Oyster Bed’s Website and for every use of this code, they will make a $5 donation to the Foundation.

  • Celebrate National Seafood Month 2017

Celebrate National Seafood Month 2017

When you want to know about fishermen, chefs, authors, innovators, and organizations doing all things good for our planet. Read today and subscribe.

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Shrimp 101 Infographic

Shrimp 101 Infographic Got a question about shrimp? Ask me now in the comments, or tweet me @maureencberry #knowyourfisherman.

  • Chef Beau Schooler

Inaugural Southeast Feast Celebrates Wild Alaska Seafood

What do you get when you pair talented sustainable seafood-minded chefs and fresh Alaska seafood with one of the most extraordinary, pristine locations in the U.S.?

How To Start A Community Supported Fishery

Why I decided to start a Community Supported Fishery Q&A.

  • ScallopsThai-Slaw

An Interview With DownEast Dayboat: It’s Scallop Season!

When you crave sweet, meaty scallops. I got you covered. Appetite required.

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Can Fish Eggs Be Sustainable and Sexy?

When science, innovation and sustainability merge to create sustainable, sexy fish eggs.

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