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Kelp-Based Fertilizer: soil of the future

What is "kelp-based" fertilizer? Can you define "placed-based" sustainability? What can your great-grandchildren expect on farms of the future? In this weeks sustainable news issue, Mark Bomford, Director of Yale's [...]

  • Stone Crab Claws (courtesy of Whole Foods market)

Seafood Lady Celebrates Four Years of Blogging

Wow. Seafood Lady celebrates four years of blogging today! The perfect time to thank you, dear readers, for hanging with Seafood Lady. I especially appreciate those special people who have [...]

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Tuna: explored and exposed (Part II)

(In Part I Tuna: explored and exposed, I explored eating tuna from a consumer perspective. In Part II, I define the differences between Carbon Monoxide gassed tuna and fresh tuna. [...]

Tuna: explored & exposed Part I of III

(In this three-part series, I’ll explore eating and buying tuna from a consumer perspective, define Carbon Monoxide (CO) gassed tuna, a common supplier technique to keep tuna a bright red [...]

Wordless Wednesday

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One tip to avoid falling asleep at a conference (especially during Hugh’s Fish Fight presentation.)

Side bar note: If you're stumbling on this blog for the first time, (first of all welcome) please realize that this post, the earlier, and probably the next several posts [...]

The Rising Price of Fresh Fish

Unless you live in a vacuum, you’re aware of the ocean issues facing us today: over-fishing, species depletion, fraud, red-tape regulations, and the never-ending increasing price of fresh fish. The [...]

Tracy’s King Crab Shack Juneau, Alaska

One amazing place to eat in Juneau, Alaska, is Tracy’s King Crab Shack. I’ll admit though, when the concierge on our cruise ship mentioned it was the place to eat in [...]

{Google Hangout} Salmon Part II + Giveaway

On Tuesday, my friends, Christine & Katie, two food bloggers looking for any excuse to talk food, invited me for the second time, to Google Hangout, to talk salmon and [...]

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A wedding and a visit to the Strip~Pittsburgh, PA

This past weekend, I traveled to Pittsburgh, PA for my niece's wedding. It was a big one, IMHO. Two hundred and fifty people. Half were my family. Go ahead, let that [...]

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