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  • Spicy Pimento Cheese and Smoked Salmon Seafood Lady

Spicy Pimento Cheese and Smoked Salmon Recipe

I admit, I love to eat seafood throughout the year. But during the holidays I tend to not eat as much. I know. I know. You see, I feel like [...]

  • Fish Market Kathy Hunt

Fish Market: A Cookbook Review

FISH MARKET cookbook Kathy Hunt Running Press, 2013 In FISH MARKET, seafood-aficionado Kathy Hunt offers a boatload of seafood recipes ranging from Abalone to Yellowfin. Hunt’s recipes are easy-to-understand and include [...]

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  • Linguine with Clams MCB

Linguine with Clams Recipe

Hungry for Linguine and Clams? I got you covered. iphone mcb This classic Italian dish, (Linguine con le Vongole) is so full of flavor and so easy to make, you’ll wonder [...]

  • Jellyfish Monterey Bay Aquarium

3 Great Monterey Bay Aquarium Sustainable Seafood Recipes

Of all the things I know how to do in the kitchen, I am most comfortable cooking fresh seafood. iPhone snapshot MCB It has not always been that [...]

  • Not Your Mother's Tuna Salad Recipe

Not Your Mother’s Tuna Salad Recipe

While a vegetable stock simmers on my stovetop and the clunk and hum of the dryer echoes through the house, I ponder how to write about the tuna salad I [...]

  • Lobster Primavera Recipe by MCB

Lobster Primavera Recipe

When you crave the sweet, rich taste of lobster, but don’t want to shell out the dough (or maybe you live nowhere near a fresh lobster source), I’ve got the [...]

  • Chipotle Crusted Grouper Tacos MCB

Are You A Taco Aficionado?

The way I see it, the American economy no longer falls into lower, middle or upper class, but rather somewhere in that gray murky area. Unless you are fortunate enough [...]

  • Seared Sesame Ahi Tuna with Slaw

Seared Sesame Yellowfin Ahi Tuna Recipe For Two

Given a choice, which would you prefer, tornadoes or hurricanes? I’m guessing neither. But if you live inland or on the coast, you live with the threat of one or [...]

Brain Awareness Week, Lent and Sustainable Seafood

What is the connection between the three? March 10 through 16 celebrates Brain Awareness Week, “a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research,” [...]

  • Alaska Smoked Salmon, Egg Salad & Capers on Sour Dough Maureen C. Berry

Smoked Salmon and Caper Egg Salad Recipe

On a recent trip to downtown Louisville, our first stop was a twofer: lunch and a museum. Yes, it's true, a museum restaurant worth a mention. Museum restaurants are not [...]

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