• Salmon From Market To Plate

When You Want To Eat Salmon That Is Good For You And The Oceans

Check out my whiteboard animated video. Salmon From Market To Plate cookbook for the conscientious cook who wants to maintain a sustainable seafood kitchen!

Giant Clams: Clean, Green Sustainable

Giant clams and technology marry to create a viable, sustainable farmed species and enable three things to happen in the world of sustainability. Giant clam farms save wild clams from [...]

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Two Fish: A Sustainable Solution for Sushi

Sushi. Those two little words conjure up so many visuals. Tiny bites of glistening fresh fish topped on little balls of rice. Sesame-crusted seaweed rolls filled with salmon, tuna, octopus [...]

World Oceans Day

Here's a breath of fresh air for World Oceans Day — a sustainable eco-ocean song created by rapper, activist and sociologist AWKWORD. What I like about his lyrics is that he [...]

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Fresh Fish Prices From Boat to Plate

Do you think the price of fresh fish at the market is expensive? I do too. Would you like to know why the price of fish is so expensive? Maybe [...]

Parrotfish – Bold and Beautiful

My video pick this week goes to The Pew Charitable Trusts for its two-minute first-in-its-series "Parrotfish." Happy viewing. Sea you next week.

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Sustainable Seafood News

One of the largest seafood shows of the year ended March 18 in Boston. I'm not going to regale you with details about what I learned, ate and saw, who [...]

Watch A Leatherback Turtle Hatch Her Eggs in the South Pacific (Video Pick-of-the-Week)

Thanks to the fine folks at One World One Ocean and MacGillivray Films for taking this incredible journey to the middle of nowhere to film a leatherback turtle hatch her [...]

Video Pick of the Week: Palau’s Shark Sanctuary

Happy 2014. The new year brings fresh ideas, hope, and a renewed purpose in our lives. My 2014 agenda at Seafood Lady is to bring you easy-to-digest sustainable seafood news [...]

Sustainable Seafood: Four Ways to Protect the Future of Fish

Got a minute? What do you think fresh seafood will look like in 2050? I for one want to eat healthy fresh fish. What about you? In this week's sustainable [...]

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