• lamb balls with red sauce basmati rice and mint

Lamb Balls with Red Sauce and Mint

Sweet, tender, herbalicious lamb balls and tangy red sauce come together like two peas in a pod!

August 9th, 2017|Categories: Meat|Tags: , , |0 Comments
  • Poblano Pepper Chili

Poblano Pepper Chili

When you've got poblano peppers and nothing but a pot of chili will do.

  • Pasta w Pumpkin & Sweet Sausage mcb 2015

Pasta With Pumpkin And Sweet Sausage

What's October without pumpkin something or other?

  • Chicken Chili MCB 2015

10 Steps To The Best Chicken Chili Recipe

Don't expect leftovers. Just sayin'.

October 15th, 2015|Categories: Meat|Tags: , , |1 Comment
  • Potato & Bacon Soup mcb 2015

Potato And Bacon Soup

When a 5-pound sack of spuds costs $1.48. Appetite required.

  • Almond-crusted Broccoli Burger MCB

Broccoli Burger or Big Mac

The title of this post, Broccoli Burger or Big Mac, isn't necessarily an either/or, but rather a jumping-off point for the February Creative Cooking Crew challenge, Not Your Mickey D [...]

  • Chicken Walnut Salad MCB

Chicken Walnut Salad

You guys, You guys. I first made this Chicken Walnut Salad in the mid-90s. I’d invited my friends and staff (who happened to be the same people) from The Wooden [...]

  • Vegetable Beef Soup

Vegetable Beef Soup

Warning: This post may be subject to wandering off-topic. (No, I am not sipping really good red wine, or really cheap white wine either.) iphone mcb I think [...]

  • Beef & Fennel Balls

Beef & Fennel Balls

Do you see yourself being the perfect host for your annual Christmas party? One who offers sumptuous appetizers and decadent desserts, while wearing beautiful clothes and a you-just-came-from-the-salon hairstyle? If [...]

  • Maureen's Melt in Your Mouth Meatballs


I didn’t plan to make meatballs. But since they turned into melt-in-your-mouth, maybe-I-shouldn’t-freeze-them-after-all meatballs, I decided the recipe is share-worthy. This whole meatball thing started with a gut feeling-a I’m-homesick-for-Florida [...]

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