Happy National Seafood Month

Celebrate National Seafood Month 2017

I hope you’re enjoying all the seafood events going on this year. But if your way of celebrating National Seafood Month involves cooking, WTG!

Whether you choose scallops, clams, Alaska sockeye salmon, Arctic Char, halibut, mussels, squid, skate, Gulf shrimp or some other sustainable seafood species, thank you for making your buying choices matter.

If you don’t like to cook and you’d rather eat your seafood in a restaurant, now, thanks to the awesome people at FishChoice, you can find a restaurant that supports the sustainable seafood movement with this Sustainable Seafood Restaurant Finder map.

Here’s What’s Up this Month!


Since we’re celebrating all things seafood this month, that means we’re celebrating all things fishermen, too.

We can’t talk about sustainable seafood and not mention farmed fish!

Two excellent frozen seafood products on the market are Love the Wild and Australis Barramundi. Find both in the freezer aisle at the grocery. Also, global companies like AQQUUA that produce mahi-mahi and grouper, and land-based salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire are taking fish farming into the future with innovation and tech. And one of my faves, though I admit I don’t eat enough of, is oysters! Check this incredible resource on oyster varieties and availability from Chef’s Resources.

If you need help sourcing something not on the list, hit me up.


  • Check out the bountiful selection of recipes at Seafood Watch.
  • Or head to my friend and fellow seafood advocate Jessie’s blog, Life as a Strawberry.
  • If you like buttery white fish that won’t break the bank, is found in the freezer aisle, is good for the planet, and coined The Better Fish, head to Australis Barramundi’s recipe page.
  • And of course, I have numerous seafood recipes on my Food blog including this quick and easy, sweet and spicy, make-ahead Shrimp Remoulade Sliders recipe. Perfect for your next football tailgating party and sponsored by my amazing friends, Wild American Shrimp. If you don’t like shrimp or are allergic, try this Remoulade sauce with baked chicken tenders.
  • And then check out my newest recipe video on YouTube, Fresh Basil Pesto. Pesto is the perfect companion for any seafood recipe, but you know I’m partial to salmon.



This month, I would like to thank the awesome chefs who donated a salmon recipe for Chapter 8, Chef-Inspired Recipes in Salmon From Market To Plate.

  1. Chef Victoria Allman, Florida Sunshine Salmon with Avocado Mousse, Citrus Salsa, And Cilantro Oil
  2. Chefs Chris and Elizabeth Devoto, Baked Salmon with Bok Choy and Ginger
  3. Chef Ron Duprat, Grilled Salmon with Cracked Pepper and Bacon
  4. Chef Nora Galdiano, Salmon with Roasted Pepper, Kalamata, and Raisin Relish
  5. Chef Rick Moonen, Grilled Salmon with Hoisin Glaze and Asian Slaw
  6. Blue Sea Labs Martin Reed, Alaska King Lox
  7. True North Salmon Company, Baked Shittake-Tomato Atlantic Salmon
  8. Verlasso Salmon, Baked Nacho Chile salmon Cakes with Lemon and Roasted Garlic Aioli
  9. MasterChef Junior Alander Weiss, Asian Glazed Grilled Salmon
  10. Chef Virginia Willis, Broiled Lemon Herb Salmon



This month, thanks to one of my besties, badass boxing babe and marketing pro, Tori E., I learned about Tenley, the woman behind the jewelry made from lobster shells and other shellfish. Brilliant! And meet the lobstermen who supply her with the shells.




Meet Farmshelf the Brooklyn-based startup that makes indoor hydroponic farming units. Coming to home kitchens in 2019. I’m ready! What about you?

A couple of quick updates on my book projects.

  • I’m now working with a book designer for Shrimp From Market To Plate.
  • I’m offering 30% off the ebook of Salmon From Market To Plate. And I took a price increase on the print edition due to printing costs.
  • My coffee table book, This Western Kentucky Life: Four Seasons of Photography, Poetry, and Food is coming along nicely. The hardest part is deciding which photographs to choose. I’m whittling down from over 400 of my best shots from the last six years.
  • That’s it lovely friends. Thanks for reading and being a part of my world. Let me know how you’re celebrating National Seafood Month. I’d love to hear from you. Email, reply, or hit me up on social works for me.


Quite the mouthful this month. Thanks as always for reading and subscribing. If you know someone who would enjoy this letter, please share.

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