Salmon From Market To Plate is celebrating its one-year anniversary April 13!

This has been an exciting first-year for Salmon From Market To Plate.

From my Book Launch Party at Big City Market & Coffee Bar to fundraisers and library events, to the 35th annual Kentucky Book Fair, holiday events, and all-around support from readers, both online and as book buyers.

As my work continues with the second cookbook, Shrimp From Market To Plate, I can look back and see that all the sweat, love, and tears that came from breaking off my publishing contract and moving forward as an Indie Publisher, well, let me put it this way—I have no regrets. I do have an overwhelming urge to hug and kiss all of you for your support and encouraging words.

So thank you friends, salmon-lovers, chefs, fishers, businesses and everyone who made this project easier and fulfilling because of who you are and what you do and support. Mostly, though, none of my work would be possible without the nonstop encouragement and support of my husband, Larry.

Now, if you still need a copy of Salmon From Market To Plate, you can buy the print or ebook on Amazon. And now Salmon is available on Smashwords, distributing to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Nook and other ebook retailers. If you want to buy a copy directly from me, shoot me an email or hit me up on social media.

Lastly, to keep the sustainable seafood convo going while I work on the second book, I launched a podcast. Green Fish Blue Oceans where stories about seafood are good for you and the oceans is available on the website, iTunes or Google Play. This is a fun, educational podcast in fifteen-minute, bite-sized episodes. It runs bi-monthly in an A-Z format. I hope you plug in. And thanks if you already subscribe.

Again, thanks for your continued support. I appreciate you.