Every once in a while, a little ditty or limerick pops in my head out of nowhere.

For instance, the other morning, I was working on the podcast, D is for Dogfish and Discards—write, write, research, write. I took a break to blend a smoothie and words popped into my head like fireworks going off, creating this limerick—a silly, but fairly accurate story about the cod industry.

cod a poem

There once was a fish named Cod.

Whose life ended

at the tip of a rod.

He gave a good fight,

with all of his might,

but his fate

was a crate

then a plate.

Poor sod.

So what does cod have to do with dogfish and discards?

Plenty. Find out more March 3, 2017, when Episode 4, D is for Dogfish and Discards is released on GreenFishBlueOceans podcast.

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