green fish blue oceans

When I was 14-years-old, feet buried in the sand, I stared at the Atlantic Ocean for the first time and wondered what was under the surface of deep blue sea.

Over forty years have passed since that time. And I’m still that kid as I research my bi-monthly podcast from my home office in western Kentucky.

We all have our love connection with the ocean.

Or most of us do. It is too magnificent and mysterious a world not to.

And of course, you don’t have to live near the ocean to stay connected and in love with the deep blue waters, the shallow sandy turquoise flats, the estuaries, marshes, mangrove forests, the shifting shorelines and all the creatures and life under the surface.

I know because every other week, I plug in my mic and talk about all things seafood and the oceans on my podcast Green Fish Blue Oceans while I marvel at the lush forest and wildlife in front of me.

In fact, one of the reasons I launched this podcast was so I could stay connected.

*A quick note if you’re visiting this site for the first time and are not familiar with me and my podcast. Green Fish Blue Oceans where stories about seafood are good for you and the oceans launched S1 January 27, 2017. S2 kicked off January 26, 2018.*

I’m doing the alphabet series in S2 just like S1, but in S2 I’m taking a deeper dive on some of the same topics from the alphabet series in S1.

And I’m sharing the mic with badass marine scientist and fish nerd Heather Tomasetti. Together we bring a casual chatty tone to the sustainable seafood conservation. And my S2 guest list is stacking up nicely.

So please join us. You can listen to Green Fish Blue Oceans on iTunes and Google Play. Or head over the the Green Fish Blue Oceans website to listen and learn more. Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.

And if you have an extra minute, let me know how I’m doing. I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below. Email me at maureencberry @ gmail . com, or review the pod on iTunes to help my ratings.

Thank you so much for listening and reading.

Talk soon,