7 Stories That Caught My Eye

Wildlife film-making. Sustainable caviar. GMO salmon. Ocean-inspired sculpture and more!

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  • Stone Crab Claws (courtesy of Whole Foods market)

Sustainable Seafood: One Species at a Time/Stone Crab Claws

Photo courtesy of Whole Foods Market Sweet. Meaty. Melt-in-your-mouth. These are a few of my favorite words to describe the delectable taste and texture of Florida Stone Crab [...]

  • pink roses

Shades Of Pink

It was early 1991. Two years in at The Wooden Spoon Restaurant. I’d worked to be a faster, better cook. I’d learned to fish. But not necessarily in that order. [...]

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  • pancakes

Griddle Work

Scratching the surface on friendship and budding love.

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Scrambled Love

I was five years old in 1967 when my dad and I cooked scrambled eggs for dinner, for our family of fourteen. Dad had dragged a chair from the table [...]

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Two little conchs

  Queen Conch Marathon, Florida Pronounced “konk,” this large salt-water gastropod drags itself along the seabed with the help of its big, edible muscular foot. Queen conch, pictured [...]

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Wordless Wednesday

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Fish-On Friday/Permit-Bonefish-Barracuda/Mahi

  (from L) Permit, Bonefish, Baracuda, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo & Mahi-Mahi @1992 Marathon, Florida

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Fish On Friday/Grouper

Ken Harris/Marathon, FL /Grouper/1995

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Florida East Coast Oysters

Sometimes you find a pearl when you least expect it. Oakhill, Florida, is a tiny city on the map in Central Florida. It considered a "bedroom" community on the East coast [...]

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