• Seafood Watch infographic

Seafood Watch Sustainable Seafood Infographic

I am sure of one thing when comes to sustainable seafood. Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program is on its A-game. All the time. For instance, its sustainable seafood infographic [...]

  • TCHO

Monterey Bay Aqaurium and TCHO Chocolate Team Up

Before I forget to tell you about my chocolate experience another year will pass and I will be on my way back to Monterey Bay Aquarium for the annual Sustainable [...]

Fresh Mussels 101

This past weekend, with temperatures akin to Florida weather, not Kentucky, Elvis and I drove north to Evansville, IN. We needed to escape HummingBird Hills, Reagan, (we really love him, but [...]

How to Buy Fresh Seafood: A Shopper’s Guide in 3 Easy Steps

Do you ever wonder where food bloggers get their ideas? Well this post materialized over a glass of wine at happy hour. Imagine that? I attended the Food Blog Forum this past weekend [...]

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