• Scouting for snook in a mangrove cove in Tampa Bay, Florida

Transcript for M is for Mussels and Mangroves

If you landed here, you are interested in reading the transcript M is for Mussels and Mangroves from the GreenFishBlueOceans podcast. Listen on iTunes, Google Play or on http://greenfishblueoceans.com.

  • Mussels w Tomato-Peanut Satay w Garlic & Basil Seafood Lady

Mussels: A Mid-Week Menu Idea You Make in Minutes

When I know Elvis will be out-of-town, I buy mussels. He's okay with that. Actually he prefers it that way. Whether I simmer mussels in a rich, chunky, tomato-peanut satay [...]

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