• Celebrate National Seafood Month 2017

Celebrate National Seafood Month 2017

When you want to know about fishermen, chefs, authors, innovators, and organizations doing all things good for our planet. Read today and subscribe.

  • green fish blue oceans show listing A-Z

Green Fish Blue Oceans Podcast

The podcast where stories about seafood are good for you and the oceans. Available for download on iTunes and Google Play. #sustainable

  • Green Fish Blue Oceans

Green Fish Blue Oceans Podcast is Live on iTunes

Green Fish Blue Oceans podcast, where stories about seafood are good for you and the oceans, is live on iTunes every other Friday.

  • Salmon-in-Parchment

Salmon in Parchment Recipe

When you want to cook salmon like an #OceanHero.

  • Amazing Sustainable Seafood mcb 2015

Amazing Sustainable Seafood Ebook

Hi y'all, I'm excited to offer you Amazing Sustainable Seafood. This free ebook is filled with recipes, tips, and how-to's when you join me for my Monthly Newsletter. Every third Sunday of [...]

  • Fish Market Kathy Hunt

Fish Market: A Cookbook Review

FISH MARKET cookbook Kathy Hunt Running Press, 2013 In FISH MARKET, seafood-aficionado Kathy Hunt offers a boatload of seafood recipes ranging from Abalone to Yellowfin. Hunt’s recipes are easy-to-understand and include [...]

November 16th, 2014|Categories: Interviews, Potluck, Seafood Recipes|Tags: , , |0 Comments
  • Scallops with pesto recipe

Scallops recipe (with pesto)

Yes, it's true. Another pesto recipe. I'm bleeding fresh basil. My CSA basket contains enough fresh basil every week to made a heart-healthy batch, so much I'm considering a small [...]

July 20th, 2013|Categories: Seafood Recipes|Tags: , , |0 Comments

Sweet Corn and Shrimp Chowder

I try hard to eat seasonally, meaning I eat foods that are available in season. Most of the time, it’s easy enough, especially during the summer months in Kentucky. But [...]

October is National Seafood Month, what are you eating?

Honoring National Seafood Month 2012

What's your favorite seafood dish?

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