• shrimp and tomato flatbread

Shrimp Tomato Flatbread

Sweet, briny shrimp marries spicy, earthy flavors to make this Shrimp and Tomato Flatbread a fave for any party appetizer or dinner. Check YouTube for the video #RealFoodRightNow https://youtu.be/7loXktrYook #WildAmericanShrimp

A Hungry Fisherman: A Poem

I woke two minutes before the alarm chirped it’s welcome to the start of a new day. My stomach grumbled its own salutation forcing me from the warmth of the [...]

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How-to shop & serve seafood for the holidays, minus the fishy smell

If you’ve done any shopping lately at (insert your store here), you’re probably as frustrated as I am. You have your grocery list, forty minutes (which includes drive time), three [...]

Who’s In the Kitchen? Executive Chef Dan Drayer

Chef Dan Drayer has been working as the Corporate Chef at Talk of the Town since 2001. Included in this smorgasbord of eateries are Charley’s Steakhouse, FishBones, Johnnie’s Hideaway, MoonFish, [...]

Who’s In The Kitchen? Executive Chef Keith Esbin

Executive Chef Keith Esbin Photo courtesy of Keith Esbin This Brooklyn based chef knows a thing or two about seafood; but he didn’t always. Executive Chef Keith Esbin [...]

Top Chef Culinary Tips featuring Rick Bayless

Rick Bayless at Macy's Culinary Council Orlando Photo by LMB A few weeks ago, I attended Macy's Culinary Council in Orlando, FL featuring Top Chef Rick Bayless. Rick was [...]

  • Florida rock shrimp meat

Sweet Spicy Rock Shrimp Recipe

When you're short on time and long on hunger. I got you covered with Sweet Spicy Rock Shrimp recipe.

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