Tuna: explored and exposed (Part III of III)

In part III of III, Tuna: explored and exposed series, I’ll tackle the tuna fishery and economy in Japan, the world’s principle and primary tuna market for tuna. This section [...]

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  • Rainbow over the pacific ocean

Sea Pact: United for a Sustainable Future

Sea Pact: United for a Sustainable Future is the first of its kind, an alliance of seafood professionals in North America. Its goal: to better fishing and fish farms. A [...]

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Tuna: explored & exposed Part I of III

(In this three-part series, I’ll explore eating and buying tuna from a consumer perspective, define Carbon Monoxide (CO) gassed tuna, a common supplier technique to keep tuna a bright red [...]

The Rising Price of Fresh Fish

Unless you live in a vacuum, you’re aware of the ocean issues facing us today: over-fishing, species depletion, fraud, red-tape regulations, and the never-ending increasing price of fresh fish. The [...]

Tracy’s King Crab Shack Juneau, Alaska

One amazing place to eat in Juneau, Alaska, is Tracy’s King Crab Shack. I’ll admit though, when the concierge on our cruise ship mentioned it was the place to eat in [...]

  • New England clam chowder

New England Clam Chowder Recipe

When I crave rich, creamy New England clam chowder, I'm reminded of my best friend from Florida, Vicki Platt. Vicki hails from Scituate, Massachusetts, where New England clam chowder, pronounced chowd-a, [...]

Seafood Lady News Update

It's been three years since I last saw the Pacific ocean. Elvis and I traveled to LA for business for him. We tooled around Santa Monica and Venice Beach on [...]

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Bourbon whipped cream and Copper River Salmon

I started my Thanksgiving list last week about the same time I saw Suzzane Goin's recipe for bourbon whipped cream in Bon Appetite. For bourbon whipped cream, I needed crème fraiche. None of [...]

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  • Stone Crab Claws (courtesy of Whole Foods market)

Sustainable Seafood: One Species at a Time/Stone Crab Claws

Photo courtesy of Whole Foods Market Sweet. Meaty. Melt-in-your-mouth. These are a few of my favorite words to describe the delectable taste and texture of Florida Stone Crab [...]

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