• grouper with roasted tomatillo salsa

Grouper and Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

When you want easy, spicy, and sustainable seafood for dinner, I got you. #KnowYourFishermen

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  • tommy waller the oyster bed

Veteran-Owned Business Supports Hurricane-Ravaged Oyster Fishers With New Product

The Oyster Bed brothers teamed up with Raz and The Gulf Seafood Foundation to use the launch of The Steak Bed to raise money for affected oyster fishermen. The Oyster Bed LLC has created a coupon code named “Recovery” that will save customers 10% on orders from The Oyster Bed’s Website and for every use of this code, they will make a $5 donation to the Foundation.

  • r is for rock shrimp and rising oceans

Transcript for R is for Rock Shrimp and Rising Oceans

Happy National Seafood Month. On the Green Fish Blue Oceans podcast, I'm tackling R is for Rock Shrimp and Rising Oceans. Read the full transcript here. Or listen on http://greenfishblueoceans.com, iTunes, or Google Play. And please subscribe!

  • p is for pink shrimp and pink salmon

Transcript for P is for Pink Shrimp and Pink Salmon

Read the Green Fish Blue Oceans podcast episode P is for Pink Shrimp and Pink Salmon, or listen on iTunes, Google Play, or greenfishblueoceans.com. And please subscribe so you don't miss an episode.

  • transcript for q is for queen scallops and quotas

Pan Seared Scallops and Soba Noodles Recipe

When you want sweet, spicy, and easy. I got you. Check my YouTube for the Pan Seared Scallops with Soba Noodles recipe video. http://bit.ly/2ike2Pz

  • gulf shrimp peach corn chopped salad

Wild American Shrimp and Peach-Corn Chopped Salad

What do tender Wild American Shrimp, juicy peaches, and fresh sweet corn on the cob have in common? They are the perfect summertime trio! Get the recipe here. (spon)

  • Scouting for snook in a mangrove cove in Tampa Bay, Florida

Transcript for M is for Mussels and Mangroves

If you landed here, you are interested in reading the transcript M is for Mussels and Mangroves from the GreenFishBlueOceans podcast. Listen on iTunes, Google Play or on http://greenfishblueoceans.com.

  • king salmon strawberry quinoa

King Salmon With Strawberry-Mint Quinoa

Pan-searing is one of my favorite ways to cook salmon—it’s fast and easy. Add a trio of fresh herbs and pop! Your mouth is having a party. Check my YouTube channel for the video and go to the blog for the full recipe. #realfoodrightnow

  • L is for lionfish

Transcript for L is for Lionfish and Lobster

Read the transcript, L is for Lionfish and Lobster on the GreenFishBlueOceans podcast. Listen on iTunes and Google Play. Subscribe and don't miss an episode.

  • #eatmoreoysters

Eat More Oysters

5 Reasons To Eat More Oysters video, plus a list of oyster shuckers who will come to your home.

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