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Who’s In The Kitchen? FishBones Executive Chef A.J. Beaulieu

If you’ve eaten at Talk of the Town’s Lake Mary FishBones, it should come as no surprise to you that its award-winning menu won Best Restaurant and Best Seafood in [...]

Fresh Scallop Appetizer: Inspiration from Tiny’s and The Bar Upstairs

In my blog series, "Who's In the Kitchen?", I ask the question "What inspires you?" Over the coarse of many interviews, I'm pleasantly surprised to learn that it's not an easy [...]

How to cook on stage like a pro (even though you’re sweating buckets)

Edible Orlando invited me to cook on their stage at the Central Florida Home & Garden Show this past Friday at 6:30. I prepared Cumin-Dusted Snapper with a Tropical Salsa. I [...]

Who’s In the Kitchen? Executive Chef Dan Drayer

Chef Dan Drayer has been working as the Corporate Chef at Talk of the Town since 2001. Included in this smorgasbord of eateries are Charley’s Steakhouse, FishBones, Johnnie’s Hideaway, MoonFish, [...]

Who’s in the Kitchen? Ocean Prime Orlando Executive Chef Guy Ferri

One of the things Executive Chef Guy Ferri told me as we sat at Ocean Prime Orlando restaurant for this interview was “This is my last job.” But like many [...]

Who’s In The Kitchen? Isleworth Golf & Country Club’s Nora Galdiano

Executive Chef Nora Galdiano Courtesy of Nora Galdiano Who’s In The Kitchen? Executive Sous Chef Nora Galdiano Isleworth Golf and Country Club Executive Sous Chef Nora Galdiano was [...]

Seared Tuna Sliders with Wasabi-Mayo & Asian Citrus Slaw

Executive Chef Keith Esbin   Seared Tuna Sliders with Wasabi-Mayo & Asian Citrus Slaw Recipe by Keith Esbin   For the Tuna: The best item to purchase would [...]

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Who’s In The Kitchen? Executive Chef Keith Esbin

Executive Chef Keith Esbin Photo courtesy of Keith Esbin This Brooklyn based chef knows a thing or two about seafood; but he didn’t always. Executive Chef Keith Esbin [...]

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Chef Chau dishes sushi, knives, and marshmallow dreams.

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