j is for jellies and jewfish

Listen to Chapter One from my new work in progress, The Fish Thieves on my podcast, #GreenFishBlueOceans

The year is 2035. The place—Texicana, the newly formed territory post-hurricane Ambrosia and the 2025 Big Rise, the catastrophic storm that destroyed the Gulf Coast region. The water is polluted with sulfur, chemical waste, and Jellies, which thrive in the contaminated water. The government is corrupted. BigAg controls the land. Where The Exiles roam the land in search of food, shelter, and solutions to overthrow the government.

Meet twins Trina and Tristin Lewis. Trina is a biologist. Tristin, a chemist. They’re working on a cure for cancer in a privately-owned lab. Until they discover a new protein in the water when collecting Jellyfish for their research. Before they publish their findings, they are sold out by a traitor in their lab. Will they stay and work with BigAg and The Government? Or will they flee North to a safe territory where they have no resources and no allies, but can continue to develop a new food source that will help feed the distressed growing global population?

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