Top 3 episodes on Green Fish Blue Oceans podcast S1

Top 3 Episodes of Green Fish Blue Oceans S1

More than halfway through S1 at Green Fish Blue Oceans podcast, I can say a few things about podcasting.

Mostly though, I can look at the stats and see how many downloads I have, where you live, and what episodes you like best.

As of today’s post, I have 1,765 downloads. The sum of unique downloads is 1,357. Does that mean everyone is listening? Um, not really. But I remain hopeful. Since when I subscribe to a podcast, I listen—not always the same day I subscribe, but I do listen.

The Top 3 most downloaded episodes of #GreenFishBlueOceans podcast thus far (P is for Pink Shrimp and Pink Salmon is in production).

The Top 3 downloads hail from the US, followed by Japan, and then Germany.

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Of the seven platforms for listening, more than half of you listen on iOS, the other half Mac. There’s an equal amount of listener’s on Android and Multi-Platform.

So what can I glean from these stats?

One. I need to write more about these Top 3 subjects. With only fifteen minutes plus or minus on each ep, you can see the opportunity here. I’m just skimming the surface. For instance, as I research the forthcoming ep, P is for Pink Shrimp and Pink Salmon, I know these two topics can be expanded. Easily. And topics like Climate Change and Farmed Fish? Wow. Can we talk?

Two. I will use this information to keep me motivated to continue podcasting. In January 2017, after I released the first episode, A is for Arctic Char and Anchovies, I remember being terrified. Would anyone listen? Does anyone care? Did I talk too slow? Too fast? Would my lisp and stutter annoy people? Did I get the music right?

Silly stuff, I know. But I remember those feelings like it were yesterday, not nine months ago.

Three. I’d love to grow my audience. So the stats about the episodes will guide me in upcoming seasons.

And so since S2 of Green Fish Blue Oceans begins January 2018, here’s what I’m considering:

  • Interviews
  • Longer episodes (20-25 minutes)
  • Expanding the issues—taking a deeper dive to explore aquaculture and wild fisheries
  • Sponsorship

Learning to podcast has been an amazing journey so far. I have much more to learn and much more to discover.

I hope you choose to take the journey with me.

Do you listen to Green Fish Blue Oceans podcast? Let me know your faves. Shoot me an email or tweet me @maureencberry. And thank you so very much. If you haven’t plugged in yet, head to iTunes or Google Play today and subscribe. Or listen on the #GreenFishBlueOceans website.