It’s official!

Salmon From Market To Plate when you want to eat salmon that is good for you and the oceans is available April 13, 2016, on Amazon!

The seeds of this project sprouted at the 2013 Sustainable Foods Institute at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Yes, sometimes it takes that long to develop and write a book. There were many highs, a few lows, a long delay, and several bumps along the way, but I’d have it no other way. And what a learning curve!

But all that is in the past. Now you have the chance to read, cook and eat salmon that is good for you and the oceans!

Salmon From Market To Plate MCB

I’m grateful for many people and couldn’t have done this, my first book, without help. While the list is long (you can read the entire list in the acknowledgements in the book), I especially want to thank Larry my husband, and Megan Johns, my cover and book designer.

Also, I want to thank the following generous chef friends and organizations:

  • Chef Rick Moonen is the poster child for sustainable seafood. I call him my angel recipe donator because he was the first chef I asked for help and the first to give it!
  • Masterchef Junior Alexander Weiss is the most inspirational teenage chef I’ve ever met.
  • Chef Virginia Willis is not only a television personality and Southern cookbook author, of course, she can bake the fluffiest buttermilk biscuits (and now I can too since I took her one-hour crash course).
  • Martin Reed is the owner of Blue Sea Labs. He takes the mystery out of how to make kick ass lox! You know you can’t wait to learn.
  • Verlasso Salmon does farm fish right. Nuff said.
  • Chef Ron Duprat does more in a week than most do in a month. Seriously, this dude has so much going on I don’t know he keeps up with his busy, successful schedule!
  • Florida friend and Chef Victoria Allman has The. Best. Job! She travels on a yacht and cooks fresh fish All. The. Time.
  • Chef Nora Galdiano spends her days teaching, cooking, and eating food! Dream job? Um, yes. So how does she stay so fit? One word: #kickboxing.
  • Kentucky farmers Chris and Elizabeth Devoto rock a 100-acre organic farm a few miles down the road from me. No, they don’t raise salmon on their farm, but they do eat sustainable salmon. And only sustainably sourced salmon.
  • True North Salmon is another company who does sustainable salmon aquaculture proud.

So go get your copy of Salmon From Market To Plate when you want to eat salmon that is good for you and the oceans and#EatMoreSalmon. And please, don’t forget to share!

Hugs & love,