You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat

Do you believe the saying, you are what you eat?

I certainly do. Especially since I passed the BIG 50 mark, ahem, five years ago. And I definitely believe you are what you eat after my SuperBowl Sunday binge.

Man those Chili Nachos and Blanton’s went down SO smooth. But for dessert, I ate chewable cherry-flavored TUMS! And today as I write this post, I feel sluggish, bloated and well let’s just say I’m glad I work at home if you know what I mean.

superbowl chili nachos

Now I don’t always eat and drink like SuperBowl Sunday, and I’m thinking you don’t either. Okay, maybe some of you do? Oof! Anyway, I’m not judging. Just working through my hangover. I know it’s okay to eat like that on occasion and eat a croissant or two every once in a while. Because I do believe the meme You Are What You Eat.

You are what you eat isn’t a new concept or a novel idea.

In fact, there’s quite a bit of history and story about this meme. Kind of cool stuff, so follow the link if you want to read more, but not before you finish this post! JK.

So this morning I jumped back on the eat what makes me feel good bandwagon. I blended a strawberry-banana smoothie with powdered protein, toasted a slab of sourdough bread, spread a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter on it and slurped half a cup of black coffee. Within minutes, I felt fresh and light. Not like a summer daisy, but better, focused, stronger. Ready to tackle some photo editing, do a little podcast research, write this post, and tackle the laundry—this last one an epic chore!

So I’d love to know what you ate and drank on SuperBowl Sunday.

And what do you feel like today (misery loves company as the cliche goes) and what did you eat to make you feel better? You did eat breakfast, right?

Reply here with your message or hit me up on Facebook and Twitter. I think I’ll be fucking around quite a bit today—read, I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching #SB51 Lady Gaga halftime show a few more times.

Happy Monday y’all!

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